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How do we operate ?

Iraq offices

Al-Fatat & Al-Shiraa Co.
offering our activities all over Iraq in three major geographical areas;
  • Baghdad office for central area
  • Erbil Office for north area
  • Basra Office to cover.

TADAWY Scientific Bureau was established to participate in tender business of the Iraqi Ministry Of Health, complying with KIMADIA regulations and registrations to the approval of the Syndicate of Iraqi Pharmacists.

Amman & Dubai Offices

Mainly responsible for logistics, Banking , Financial Processes and maintaining the business relations and communications with international companies, business partners, and various vendors.

Why TSB ?

  • Over twenty years of experience in the scientific field , educational & healthcare sector services and over fifteen years of dedicated service to the Iraqi market covering both public & private sectors.
  • Dedicated professional staff including services, sales & engineering.
  • We follow International Standards in our activities and management.
  • Logistics office in Amman to support our business in Iraq in the logistics, finance , banking , PR , operations and HR Training & Development fields.
  • Show-room in Baghdad with three offices & 11 service centers.